“Maryam Arif describes her approach to photography as ‘observational and European or American photographer of the contemporary age; and tellingly Arif’s images deliver non-intrusive’. Likened to a contemporary flâneur in the city, she has a wonderful ability to capture reality’s blueprint without interfering with its DNA. Self-taught Arif is known to handle a camera with as much consummate ease as any lucid as much purpose.

In Pakistan, contemporary art photography has still to establish itself; and Arif is the vanguard of a new wave of photography that is positively altering engrained preconceptions about the value of the photograph in an age of the image. Her approach is aimed at exploring cultural similarities and differences along with an attempt to dissect the world from an individual’s point of view.

When asked about her style of work, she answered “My work resonates with my life principles and is a strong depiction of myself as an individual. This medium has given me a way to express myself and to showcase the world through my eyes…full of love, happiness, and serenity. The one thing that inspires me most in my work is ‘light’. I love the way light can change the feel and perspective of something simple and mundane into something extraordinary and magical. My approach is about self-discovery and my work pertains to the individual’s experience—hence, the narrative I build in my work is universal. People in this world share common traits and perspectives about the world at large. Therefore, I believe people all over the world can identify with the ideas and concepts I bring forth through my work. When I travel to other countries, I get a chance to observe and compare different viewpoints and perspectives. A lot of my visual experiences are in terms of the cultural differences I observe, which inadvertently plays a role in the concepts I develop. So in a way, my work is a cross-cultural study.”

Our Team

Maryam Arif

CEO / Creative Director

"Maryam Arif is a photographer, visual artist and curator living in Lahore, Pakistan. After earning her degree as a medical doctor, she found her calling in visual arts, which compelled her to take up professional photography as her chosen medium of self-expression. Having worked for two years at the National College of Arts, in Lahore, where she worked as a Curator and taught the Photography Minor class for two semesters. She started her own company aimed to bring her sense of seeing the world to the larger audience.
Maryam has a passion for stationary, which lead her to design her own of line of stationary "SyNTAX PRIsM". She is also passionate about traveling, reading, philosophy, politics, social work and the environment."

Anum Asif

Assistant Manager Operations

“Born to a Punjabi family in Lahore, Pakistan, Anum completed her MBA from Lahore School of Economics with Majors in Marketing. Being  an enthusiast  about Art and exploring different cultural heritages, Anum found herself at the Maryam Arif Photoraphie  which she thinks is the best platform to learn and explore different perspectives of art and photography. Anum is responsible for handling the operations and also devising marketing strategies at Maryam Arif Photographie. Anum is passionate about healthy lifestyle and loves to spend time with friends and family and has a great interest in music and travelling. “

Maryam Yousaf

Assistant Manager Creative

"Born and raised in Lahore, Pakistan, Maryam graduated from Lahore School of Economics with Majors in Marketing and Minors in Media. Having a special interest in Marketing and Photography and the urge of gaining an experience of a lifetime, Maryam found herself at ‘Maryam Arif Photographie', where she found all the things she was passionate about. At ‘Maryam Arif Photographie',Maryam  is involved with social media marketing and also personally assistingMaryam Arif. Maryam enjoys spending time with her family and friends and binge-watching, TV Series and calls herself a hopeless fan of Urdu novels."

Sahar Khan

Marketing Manager

"Being born in Libya, i was raised in a totally different culture. I found myself surrounded with so many different people from different cultures and countries, and from this experience I have learned many things about life. I came back to Pakistan in 2000. After completing my bachelors in English Literature from F.C. College, i started my professional career in Marketing because that is the field in which i have always enjoyed working. After having a vast experience in Marketing i found myself at Maryam Arif Photographie as a Marketing Manager. I find my job very exciting and challenging as it gives me a lot more chances to see and learn Marketing from a very different perspective. Besides my professional career, i enjoy reading, baking and experimenting with different cuisines in my spare time. Singing is my hobby and i have been leaning music since when i was a child."