German Contemporary Art Publication, “Internationale Kunst Heute 2016”



In April 2016, Maryam Arif’s work was part of a German contemporary art publication, Internationale Kunst Heute 2016, featuring emerging artists from around the world; Arif was the only artist representing South Asia. The images that were selected were titled “in Orbit” and “Lack of Control”. This book was curated by Martina Kolle with a critique by Ingrid Gardill.

Commentes by Ingrid Gardill

(Translated from German)

Pakistani photographer Maryam Arif has been photographing since her childhood. To this day, her interest is not so much in Man, but in abstract things, spaces, or light. She observes very precisely how light




Arif leaves the situation in uncertainly using the
In Orbit

paths change the atmosphere of rooms. In her black- and-white work in Orbit, there are light bands that spiral through a strictly defined black background. The light penetrates the interior, but it does not illuminate. Even if it is evident partly through windows, it remains uncertain whether it is a kind of dome, the interior of a tower, or a shaft. The viewer cannot see whether he looks deep or high, but he has the impression of architecture. Arif leaves the situation in uncertainty using the fascinating, strict form as an abstract graphic. Even with Lack of Control, she remains in the abstraction, but plays in the digital alienation omitted with the color traces.


Beautiful, powerful turquoise, red, light green and violet interlaced without intermingling, while the pitch-black background makes the forms even more plastic. At the same time, the image appears to be illuminated by an invisible light source from behind. Fascinatingly in In Orbit, in particular, the form in its stringency, so here is the painter-free style with its fresh colors, which puts the photograph close to a painting. The work of Arif inspire in their surprising and unusual view of things.

Ingrid Gardill

maryam-arif                                                                                                                             Lack of Control

Italian Publication 2016

The Best Modern and Contemporary Artists 2016

Maryam Arif’s work was part of an Italian Contemporary Art Publication in November 2016, curated by Salvatore Russo and Francesco Saverio Russo. The book launch was held at the prestigious  Sternberg Palace, Vienna. Arif was the only artist representing South Asia. The images selected from Arif’s work were “Moku Satsu”  and “In A Glass jar”.


In A Glass jar

Critique by Salvatore Russo

The fashion is at center of the visual investigation by Maryam Arif. This is an artist that makes us know the beauty of the stylistic evolution. Through her compositions, Maryam lays the foundations for a new thought. A careful thought to elegance and refinement of the form.

Salvatore Russo




Moku Satsu