Maryam Arif: Dramatic Light Plays
and Wordless Narratives

New Heroes and Pioneers
By Roxanne Sancto

“I photograph the moment as it presents itself. Once the moment passes it can never be re-created.” A conversation with Maryam Arif on life as a doctor turned photographer.” see more

Restitution of Life | Through the Lens of Maryam Arif

Restitution of Life | Through the Lens of
Maryam Arif

The Culture Trip
By Quddus Mirza

Lahore based self-taught photographer Maryam Arif explores the subjects of individuality, perspective of life, and the reflection of the urban environment in the behavior of society in general. see more

Spotlight | Photographer Maryam Arif

Spotlight | Photographer Maryam Arif

Vanichi Magazine
By Scott Rodd

Describing her work as an ongoing effort to “capture the true placidity of our existence,” Pakistani photographer Maryam Arif has gained wide acclaim for her ability to produce stark images of everyday life across a wide range of cultures. see more

The God of All Things

The God of all Things
An Interview with Photographer Maryam Arif

The Culture Trip
By Rajesh Punj

Pakistani photographer Maryam Arif describes her approach to photography as ‘observational and non-intrusive’. Likened to a contemporary flâneur in the city, she has a wonderful ability to capture reality’s blueprint without interfering with its DNA. see more